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Filipino Community of Seattle Reacts to Typhoon Haiyan with Prayers and Donations

By Christopher Duclos

In early November of 2013, Typhoon Haiyan devastated a large portion of the Philippines. Haiyan was the strongest storm ever recorded to make landfall, killing at least 5,598 people and displacing thousands more. The Filipino youth and community of Seattle was nothing short of proactive in providing the relief supplies and funds necessary. With all hope, prayer and donations received, the Philippines and it’s people that were affected by the storm hope to bounce back from this disaster.

The storm was formed on November 3rd, 2013 and moved it’s way across central-southern Philippines until November 11th, 2013.


A Seattle-based Filipino youth organization “Anak-Bayan” (translation: Child Nation or Nation of Children) focused all its efforts on relief for those affected by the typhoon. Throughout the many events that Anak-Bayan staged, this banner that read “Give Love Send Relief” was used. The banner became a staple prop in recognizing the organization’s relief efforts.


Father Mark Galang of the Beacon United Methodist Church presided over a congregation of Filipinos at a night service held for the victims of the storm. The night time mass was held on Tuesday, November 19th, a week after the storm dissipated. The service was held on a Tuesday so that the whole service’s prayers can be directed towards the disaster itself.

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