Interview with Gina Osterloh

After visiting the “War Baby Love Child” exhibit of mixed race Asian American art at the Wing Luke Museum, we interviewed several of the artists.

This first podcast is an interview with Gina Osterloh. Keep checking back for more interviews.


Rapture (Somewhere Tropical)
light jet (digital c-print)
36″ x 40″ inches
courtesy of the artist, François Ghebaly, & Silverlens Galleries

Edited by Shu-Ning Liu

1 thought on “Interview with Gina Osterloh

  1. wanshang

    We were in the same group to have this interview with Gina Osterloh. I compared this podcast with my podcast and I found that you did really better than I did. I like the music before each part of the interview started. I can tell there are different parts for this interview, it sounds really clear for me. Through this podcast, I can hardly hear either noise or repetition. What’s more, this interview sounds more appealing to me than what I did.


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