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La Pulga: Redefining the Flea Market

IMG_2355The flea market is usually defined as a market, typically outdoors, selling secondhand goods.  In the Latino community these flea markets are called “Pulgas” and are filled with first hand goods that speak of the values their race carries.   A person might think a “pulga” signifies cheap, dirty, low quality; and a place you might avoid if you have never been to one. This flea market is filled with life and items that their community cherishes.

Take a look into the world of a “pulga”, located in Portland, Oregon.

The first thing you notice how much this culture values is their religion and faith.


An abundance of gold is displayed for costumers to try on and buy


Images of Virgin Mary signify the importance of religion

The second thing you will notice as you walk around are all the different types of clothing displayed for sale. There is quite a variety for many occasions.


“Quinceñera” dresses displayed for a girl’s 15th birthday celebration


Traditional Mexican boots showcased


Dresses for the little ones


Classic rival soccer jerseys

At the heart of each pulga is the food. While each vendor has a specialty to reel you in to try and buy, everything is authentic and freshly prepared. You can witness how things are made with love and care,


Food the heart of a Pulga


“Duros” a tasty Mexican snack


Fresh Fruit is always near by


Kids having a hard time picking out a snack

The “pulga” is more than diverse than what you may think when you hear the term flea market. The items at the market speak out about what is important to this a culture. While some in our society may view the items as second class, they are in fact first class items to others.

 Adriana Pedroza