About Us

Sreya Bhowmik is a student at the University of Washington. Originally from Bangladesh, she has been studying in the United States for four years now. When not working on her class assignments or working, you can find her enjoying random baby videos on YouTube. You can email her at sreya91@uw.edu.

Mae Cado is a journalism student at the University of Washington. Graduating in the spring 2014, she plans on going into the field of broadcast. Also a diversity minor at UW, Cado finds the stories that most pique her interest deal with multiculturalism and hopes the pieces she creates can continue the ever-growing conversation of identity in America.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Celine Djohan has always considered herself as an Indonesian. Being 9000 miles away from home, she talks about her experiences as a foreign student in the University of Washington. Currently, she is a senior, taking Journalism in the Department of Communication and graduating in 2014.

Christopher Duclos is a Journalism major at the University of Washington. He is a mixture of both Filipino and French (Duclos being a French word for “Wall”). He identifies as Filipino and can speak Tagalog fluently. He likes to say that he is “Filipino at heart,” even though he is white skinned and American on the outside.

Kendal Feider is a Senior at the University of Washington in Seattle where she will be graduating in April of 2014. She is studying Communication with an emphasis in culture and is minoring in Diversity Studies. She hopes to achieve a career in marketing with a concentration in strategy. Her passion for culture stems from her upbringing in Federal Way, Washington and she hopes to influence, inspire and bring awareness to new perspectives on various topics regarding minority groups in her future career. Contact for business inquiries and/or comments at feiderkendal@gmail.com

My name is Tiara Fernandes. This is my last quarter here at the University of Washington majoring in Communication. After school I bartend five nights a week. I am half East Indian, a quarter Japanese, and a quarter French Canadian.

William Hadibowo is a student at the University of Washington, Seattle coming from Indonesia. William is in his junior year and majoring in Communication. He is particularly interested in introducing and spreading Indonesian culture to the US community starting from the Greater Seattle Area. He is currently serves as the Vice President for the Indonesian Student Association at the University of Washington and has been working closely with other Indonesian communities in Seattle and also supported by the Indonesian government representative from the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Los Angeles as well as from the ministry of education and culture in promoting Indonesian culture to society.

Simone Johnson is a senior at the University of Washington, majoring in Communication. She loves having lively discussions about race or social issues, and cites Toni Morrison as one of her favorite authors. Simone is a native to Seattle and enjoys blogging about her favorite beauty products. She can be found adorning her friends’ fingers with trendy nail art or whipping up a new recipe in the kitchen.

Sang Kim is a Communication major at the University of Washington.

My name is Shu-ning Liu. I’m Taiwanese born and raised in Thailand. I’m currently studying at the University of Washington, majoring in Economics and minoring in Japanese. However Communication is one of the fields that I’m really interested in.

Ariel-Kenneth Lozano is an ambitious 23 year old who hails from the South Seattle community. He is finishing up his undergraduate studies at the University of Washington with a major in Communication. In his spare time, Kenneth loves to play basketball and chess; he also has a passion for making music. Some of Kenneth’s all-time favorite movies are Scarface (1983) and Disney and Pixar’s Up (2009). He also likes to write about himself in third-person.

Bailee Martin is a Winter 2013 graduate of UW. She double majored in Political Science and Communication, with a focus on how politics and media influence identity. She misses being a student already.

Jennifer McClearen is a PhD student in the Department of Communication and a fellow in the Simpson Center for the Humanities’ Certificate in Public Scholarship at the University of Washington. She studies communication and difference and is interested in furthering campus-community dialogues about race, gender, and sexuality in the media.

LeiLani Nishime is an Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of Washington and the instructor for the course. Her research interests are Asian American mixed race studies, science fiction, and graphic novels. You can find more of her work here.

Yana Olar was born in a small town in Moldova, but her family moved to the U.S. when she was young. She grew up in Massachusetts, and spent most of her life living on the east coast. After moving to Washington state, she was interested to see how the populations of certain races differ on the west coast.

Hi, my name is Kayla Orzechowsk, and I am a born Seattleite attending the University of Washington exploring the many outlets the Communication department offers. My own experiences of having a Korean father and white American mother has and will continue to shine light on my view of the world from a unique perspective. I find, as a mixed race person or not, the understandings we gage from classes and our everyday life are an important component for instilling less racial disparities in the future.

Adriana Pedroza.22. Latina. University of Washington. Major: Communications. Minor: Diversity. I’m passionate about learning and gaining knowledge about other cultures. Contact: pedroa@uw.edu

My name is Nancy (Wan Shang), and I am an outgoing girl. I really enjoy making friends and talking with people around me. My major is Communication and I want to be a host or a reporter in the future. In my spare time, I like listening to the music and watching many good movies.

My name is Seo Song, and I’m a communications major at the UW. I was born in Korea, raised in France, Italy, Austria, and Germany. In the states, I’ve lived in Santa Monica, Bellevue, and Seattle. The first day of class, I hesitated about staying in this course because I felt overwhelmed with the assignments that I’ve never had to deal with before (podcast, blog post, and photo essay). I decided I’d take this opportunity to get to learn, to try different types of work, and I actually ended up enjoying doing the assignments. This class offered me different perspectives and insight on race.

Vanessa Tadena is a junior at the University of Washington. She is a Communications major and is attempting to double major in Sociology. She is originally from Hawaii and currently lives in Seattle. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, participating in sorority events, working, sleeping, going out to eat, shopping, and watching TV shows on Netflix.

Tyler Denise Washington was born in Germany to an African-American father and a native German mother. Growing up in two different races and cultures has piqued her interest in race and gender studies. She is currently studying Communication at the University of Washington.

I am Hong Yin Wong, and I am an international student from Hong Kong. I will get my bachelor degree of communication in the following spring at University Of Washington. Throughout my college career, I have learned how to think critically, respect diversity and communicative effectively as a communication major student.

I am Ping I. Yang , an University of Washington international student from Taiwan. I was born in Taiwan, and left my hometown to Singapore for education since age 10. Singapore is a multicultural society formed by Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western. I enjoy observing the interaction between different cultures and the result of mixed culture and mixed races.

Xiaoyn (Michelle) Zhang is a Communication major at the University of Washington.

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